Tuesday, February 19, 2008

eponyms in medicine - part 16

151 - Kernig sign is first flex patient’s leg at both hip and knee - and then straighten knee; positive sign is pain and increased resistance to extending knee - suggesting meningeal irritation.

152 - Lisker’s sign is in thrombophlebitis or deep vein thrombosis - tenderness to percussion of the medial anterior tibial surface.

153 - Flatbush diabetes is GAD antibody negative diabetes in adult black subjects with diabetic ketoacidosis and increased frequency of human leukocyte antigen DR3 and DR4.

154 - Canavan disease is autosomal recessive infantile spongy degeneration of the brain with Alzheimer type II cells - increased prevalence among Ashkenazi from mutation in aspartoacylase leading to increased levels of N-acetylaspartic acid - described in 1931.

155 - Marie’s sign is fine tremor in hyperthyroidism.

156 - Wright’s stain is stain used for blood and bone marrow films.

157 - Morgagni - hydatids of is fallopian tube cysts found near the fimbriated end or in the broad ligaments.

158 - Zieve’s syndrome is jaundice - hyperlipemia - and hemolytic anemia in alcoholic liver disease; described in 1958.

159 - Cushing’s triad is signs of increased ICP 1. hypertension 2. bradycardia 3. irregular respirations.

160 - Meissner’s plexus is submucous plexus; innervates glandular epithelium - muscularis mucosa - intestinal endocrine cells - and submucosal blood vessels.

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