Thursday, February 14, 2008

eponyms in medicine - part 6

51 - Marshall - vein of is oblique vein of left atrium.

52 - Cushing’s disease is hypercortisolism from pituitary corticotropin-(ACTH)-secreting corticotroph tumors - almost always benign and usually microadenomas.

53 - Bezold-Jarisch reflex is activation of receptors in the atria - great veins - and left ventricle causing increased parasympathetic tone and decreased sympathetic activity leading to a combination of hypotension and bradycardia with a sudden increase in coronary flow.

54 - Simon focus is in tuberculosis - nodule in subapical region which develops from hematogenous spread from initial infection in lower half of lung.

55 - Bell’s palsy is seventh nerve palsy; seen as a complication in diabetes - tumors - sarcoidosis - AIDS - and Lyme disease.

56 - Syme’s amputation is amputation at the ankle with removal of the malleoli and placement of the heel pad over the end of the remaining tibia; devised in 1842.

57 - Billroth’s cords is splenic cords found in the red pulp between the sinusoids - consisting mainly of fibrils and connective tissue cells.

58 - Louvel’s sign is in deep vein thrombosis - venous pain induced by coughing - prevented by pressing over proximal end of vein.

59 - Von Willebrand’s disease is deficiency in von Willebrand factor; frequency of 1% - most common inherited disorder of bleeding; type 1 and 3 reduced quantity of vWF; type 2 qualitative defects in vWF.

60 - Kussmaul’s respiration is hyperpnea - associated with acidosis - especially DKA but also in uremia.

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