Monday, February 18, 2008

eponyms in medicine - part 15

141 - Hampton’s line is radiolucent collar of granulation tissue across the base of an ulcer.

142 - Clerambault’s syndrome is erotomania - delusional belief that someone (usually of higher social status) is in love with the person.

143 - Tolosa-Hunt syndrome is idiopathic inflammation of the cavernous sinus producing painful palsy of third - fourth - or sixth cranial nerve.

144 - Lundberg A wave is in ICP monitoring - waves that have a duration of 5-20 minutes and an amplitude of 50 mm Hg over the baseline ICP - after which ICP is reset to a higher baseline level; sign of severely compromised intracranial compliance and can result in significant decrease in cerebral perfusion pressure and herniation.

145 - Denver shunt is for treating refractory ascites - peritoneovenous shunt connecting peritoneum and central venous system - compare with LeVeen shunt; Denver shunt uses valve that lies within a fluid-filled - compressible silicone chamber.

146 - Dorello’s canal is location where the sixth nerve penetrates the dura - an area where the nerve is liable to injury.

147 - Hageman factor is factor XII.

148 - Reynold’s ( reynaud's ) pentad is Charcot’s triad plus altered mental status and shock in cholangitis.

149 - Morton’s neuroma is interdigitial palmar neuroma.

150 - Castle intrinsic factor is intrinsic factor secreted by parietal cells - which binds luminal B12 and permits its absorption in the ileum.

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