Thursday, February 21, 2008

eponyms in medicine - part 25

241 - Pickwickian syndrome is obesity hypoventilation syndrome defined by extreme obesity and alveolar hypoventilation during wakefulness - characterized by hypersomnolence - dyspnea - hypoxemia (cyanosis - polycythemia - and plethora) - and pulmonary hypertension leading to RV failure and edema; based upon Charles Dickens’ book “The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club” and the character Joe who was a “wonderfully fat boy - standing upright with his eyes closed”.

242 - Voight - lines of is boundaries which delimit distribution area of main cutaneous nerves; seen in black and Asian skin and rarely in white subjects.

243 - Aaron's sign is a referred pain felt in the epigastrium upon continuous firm pressure over McBurney's point. It is indicative of appendicitis.Aaron's sign is named for Charles Dettie Aaron, an American gastroenterologist.

244 - Gianotti-Crosti syndrome is reactive exanthem - first described in association with hepatitis B infection (papular acrodermatitis of childhood - papular eruption on face and limbs); also associated with EBV - CMV infection.

245 - Claude’s syndrome is third nerve palsy combined with contralateral ataxia with midbrain infarction and injury to both red nucleus and superior cerebellar peduncle (includes signs of both Nothnagel’s and Benedikt’s syndrome).

246 - Parinaud’s syndrome is dorsal midbrain syndrome with supranuclear vertical gaze disorder from damage to posterior commissure with loss of upgaze - convergence-retraction nystagmus - downward ocular deviation - lid retraction - due to hydrocephalus from aqueductal stenosis - pineal region tumors.

247 - Fay sign is in carotid arteritis - pressure along the carotid causing pain to spread in distal branches of external carotid to jaw - ear - and temple.

248 - fox sign is seen in acute pancreatitis .Fox's sign is in hemorrhagic pancreatitis - ecchymosis of the inguinal ligament due to blood tracking from the retroperitoneum and collecting at the inguinal ligament.

249 - floating water lily sign is seen in x-ray of hydatid cyst of liver .


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