Wednesday, March 5, 2008

eponyms in medicine - part 48

471 - Döhle bodies is irregularly shaped greenish inclusions in neutrophil cytoplasm - consisting of ribosomes and/or rough ER and are seen in severe bacterial infections.

472 - Silk Road disease is Behçet’s disease.

473 - Herring bodies is neurosecretory granules consisting of either vasopressin or oxytocin in neurohypophysis.

474 - Unna boot is compression dressing impregnated with medication for treating venous stasis ulcers; named after Paul Gerson Unna - German dermatologist 1850-1929.

475 - Rigler's sign, also known as the double wall sign, is seen on an x-ray of the abdomen when air is present on both sides of the intestine; a Rigler's sign is present when air is present on the inside (lumenal side) and the outside (peritoneal side). Air in the peritoneum is considered abnormal, unless the patient had a recent abdominal surgery.

A false double wall sign can result from two loops of bowel being in contact with one another.

476 - Muckle-Wells syndrome is syndrome of urticaria - progressive perceptive deafness - and amyloidosis; from mutation in cryopyrin; autosomal dominant; of note familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome - commonly known as familial cold urticaria - characterized by intermittent episodes of rash - arthralgia - fever and conjunctivitis after generalized exposure to cold is also associated with mutations in cryopyrin.

477 - Birbeck’s granules is aka Langerhans’s granules; a small tennis racket-shaped membrane-bound granule with characteristic cross-striated internal ultrastructure seen in Langerhans cell histiocytosis.

478 - Sellick’s maneuver is cricoid pressure during intubation.

479 - The football sign refers to a large oval radiolucency in the shape of an American football, which is seen on supine abdominal X-ray films. The football sign is most frequently seen in infants with spontaneous or iatrogenic gastric perforation causing pneumoperitoneum.

480 - Wenckebach block is second-degree AV blcok - Mobitz type I.

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