Wednesday, March 5, 2008

eponyms in medicine - part 45

441 - "Dawson's Fingers" is a condition affecting the brain of Multiple Sclerosis patients. The condition is the result of inflamation around long axis of medular veins. This results in a finger-like appearance of the lesions extending mainly off the ventricles within the brain. The term is named for histologist James Walker Dawson, who first defined the condition .

442 - Ebstein’s anomaly is malformation characterized by the downward displacement of the tricuspid valve into the right ventricle due to anomalous attachment of the tricuspid leaflets; associated with maternal exposure to Li.

443 - Döhle bodies are light blue-gray, basophilic, leukocyte inclusions located in the peripheral cytoplasm of neutrophils. They measure 1-3 µm in diameter. Not much is known about their formation. They are named after German pathologist, Karl Gottfried Paul Döhle (1855-1928)

They are seen in:

* Burns

* Infections

* Physical trauma

* Neoplastic diseases

* Wissler’s disease

* May-Hegglin’s anomaly

* Chédiak-Steinbrinck-Higashi’s syndrome.

444 - Sipple’s syndrome is MEN type IIa; pheochromocytoma - medullary carcinoma of the thyroid - and hyperparathyroidism due to hyperplasia or tumor.

445 - Stroop test is stress test - also used for checking frontal function - where patients are tested for the ability to read off the text color of text spelling potentially different colors.

446 - Montgomery - glands of is sebaceous glands of areola.

447 - Goodell's sign is an indication of pregnancy. It is a significant softening of the vaginal portion of the cervix.

448 - Brunner’s glands is in duodenum - submucosal mucous glands that secrete bicarbonate - glycoproteins - and pepsinogen II - virtually indistinguishable from pyloric mucous glands.

449 - Grafenberg spot is erogenous area in anterior vaginal wall ( also called G SPOT ) .

450 - Goodsall's rule is applied to the examination of anal fistula. It states that if the fistula lies in the anterior half of the anal area then it opens directly into the anal canal, while if a fistula lies in the posterior half of the canal then it tracks around the anus laterally and opens into the midline posteriorly.

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