Wednesday, March 5, 2008

eponyms in medicine - part 40

391 - Von Recklinghausen’s disease is neurofibromatosis.

392 - Calot’s triangle is the area bordered by the 1. cystic duct - 2. common hepatic duct - 3. lower edge of the liver; cystic artery - sometimes hepatic artery found here.

393 - Von Willebrand factor is vWF bridges collagen and platelets and favors platelet aggregation - ensuring platelet and vessel wall interactions; glycoprotein Ib-IX major receptor for vWF; vWF also serves as carrier for factor VIII; made in endothelial cells and megakaryocytes.

394 - Zenker’s diverticulum is a pharyngeal diverticulum from premature contraction of the cricopharyngeus muscle on swallowing - leads to progressive UES narrowing - leading to a posteriorly directed hypopharynx; causes progressive food stasis and dysphagia.

395 - D’Espine’s sign is breath sounds louder over C7 than adjacent lung - suggests lesion in posterior mediastinum - e.g. lymphoma - tuberculosis - etc.

396 - Warthin-Finkeldey cells is in measles pneumonia - cells with multiple nuclei and eosinophilic intranuclear inclusions.

397 - Cabrera’s sign is in left bundle branch block complicated by MI - notching at 0.05 s in ascending limb of S wave in V3 - V4; 27% sens for MI.

398 - Curling’s ulcers is stress erosions and ulcers occurring in the proximal duodenum and associated with severe burns or trauma - from ischemia of the gastric mucosa.

399 - Roger’s disease is small congenital VSD defect <0.5>

400 - Best disease is vitelliform macular dystrophy type 2 (VMD2) - characterized by gradual loss of visual acuity starting in their teenage years; accumulation of lipofuscin in retinal pigment epithelium; markedly abnormal electro-oculogram (EOG) in all stages of progression and in phenotypically normal carriers; autosomal dominant - from mutation in VMD2 gene; first described in 1905.

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