Sunday, December 20, 2009

64 - Siffert-katz sign

*In blount's disease, the knee is stable in full extension, but the medial femoral condyle may sublux posteromedially (into the depressed medial tibial plateau) at 10-20 degrees of flexion. This is called Siffert-katz sign.

*Tibia vara is otherwise called Blount's disease.

*The signs and symptoms of blount's disease are :

1. Intercondylar distance greater than 6 cms
2. Shot stature
3. Weight excessive for height
4. Severe deformity
5. Palpable metaphyseal beaking
6. Knee instability
7. Knee pain
8. Presence of Siffert-katz sign
Q: Presence of siffert-katz sign is a feature of ?
a. Blount's disease
b. cubitus varus
c. cubitus valgus
d. coxa valgus

answer: a. blount's disease.

p.s= This question was asked in the DNB december 2009 question paper.

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